10 Unhealthy Relationship Myths to Stop Believing Right Now


Relationships are fragile, delicate bonds that can only make it when both partners are equally committed to keeping it alive. Unfortunately, the portrayal of the ideal, ever so sweet relationships in movies and books give us very unhealthy goals. Let’s break the 10 biggest myths of a happy relationship.

  1. Opposites Attract: The eternal Hollywood story of the good girl falling for the bad guy. When in reality, a relation like that would go up in dust in seconds. You want a partner you can share ideas, thoughts and feelings with.
  2. Good Relationships are effortless: No, they are not! Relationships are a complicated chemistry of two entirely different individuals. It takes hard work.
  3. Don’t voice dissatisfactions in a new relationships: Often dangerous, this idea leads to many unhappy marriages. Speak to your partner and find out if you two can coexist early on to avoid ugly heartbreaks.
  4. A baby will fix a broken relationship: All it will do is add another unhappy person to your miserable marriage.
  5. He/She should know why I am upset: Your partner is not a mind reader. If something bothers you, say it out loud.
  6. Abusers are really sorry/they will change: No matter how much he apologizes for slapping you in the heat of the moment, it will happen again. Get out while there’s still time.
  7. Sticking into an unhappy relationship is the key: If a relationship makes you miserable, persistence won’t change that.
  8. No arguments: Wrong! Every couple argues. The solution to spicing up your love life is talking about likes, dislikes of your partner. Even enhancements pills with the least amount of side effects is that’s what you really want. Discussion solves problem. Don’t shy away.
  9. Love the worst in them: Practically impossible and illogical. Learn to coexist and accept each other’s differences.
  10. Happily ever after: Does not exist!