MYTH: Is it Really Hard to Lose Weight as You Age

Many of my clients ask me this question, is it really harder to lose weight as you age? And the answer is definitely yes, there are plenty of reasons why and we can recommend some tips to get out of this trap, but the truth is yes, it is harder to lose weight as you grow older, but it’s not impossible and it certainly can be done.

The first thing people do when they get older is that they get weaker, getting weaker means that working out will be much harder to do and the gains will not be as big due to their age. This subtly discourages people from working out.

Solution: Keep a calendar with all your workout days, make sure to work out at least 3-4 days a week for at least 1 and a half hours in an intense high resistance workout regimen

The second thing is that people’s metabolism slows down as they get older, this means that people will burn less calories in pretty much every time of the day than before. This means that calories will be saved up more often rather than being dissipated, which leads to more and more difficult weight loss.

Solution: Increase your calorie deficit from whatever it is right now to 10% higher and see how it goes. Try some forskolin, forskolin is a unique and easy way to loose weight and it’s not too expensive either, if you are really desperate it may be a good option to look into.

The third thing that happens is that older people also tend to not try as hard when they do workout because they are not as capable of doing things as they were when they were younger.

Solution: Do more reps, lower the weights.