How To Portion Food For Weight Loss


The key to weight loss is consuming fewer calories than you burn. This you can achieve only through the portion control strategy. Portion control does not necessarily mean that you have to eat foods in tiny portions. You can practice portion control in many ways that contribute to weight loss in healthy manner. Before discussing the ways to cut portions you better know about the diet programs that follow this strategy. If you are unable to practice portion control on your own you resort to diet programs like Nutrisystem,  Weight Watchers, South beach diet plan, Medifast, etc which follow this strategy.

Nutrisystem has been using the portion control as their main diet strategy and all their diet foods are portion and calorie controlled which eliminates the stress of counting calories. It is a very convenient diet program to follow and is suitable for people leading a busy life. Weight Watchers also has an equivalent successful track record and is found in around 30 countries in the world. Weight Watchers conducts meetings for those who seek suggestions in person. They also provide a pure online-only program. However, both the systems follow same basic instructions and computations. Read this article on Nutrisystem diet vs Weight Watchers program to know more about these programs.

Besides following a portion controlled diet program, you can follow a few simple techniques that involve portion control. You can start your day with drinking 16 ounces of water which fills your stomach. Wearing form fitting clothes makes you slow down the process eating and eat less ultimately.  Take some veggie fillers along with your meals so that you eat less during the meal times. You can dine on a dinnerware that helps you lose weight. Even the color of the plate influences the amount of food you eat. Lastly, eat foods that make you work a little before you consume them. For example, eating nuts makes you shell or peel before you eat them. All these tips contribute to portion control.