Labor Of Love Childbirth Education

Labor & Delivery Series

(30-36 weeks)- A series required for all first time Moms and Moms delivering in a birth center for the first time. The topics include stages of labor, what to bring, nutrition for birth, anatomy/physiology of labor & delivery, signs of labor, coping skills, your stay at the birth center, postpartum care for mom and baby immediate and at home, and much more.

Refresher Class

(30-36 weeks)- One class required for all Moms who have delivered at least one baby in a birth center( out of hospital). Topics are the same as for Labor & Delivery series but condensed.

Breastfeeding Class

A important class for all mothers that will be breastfeeding for the first time. This class covering building a beautiful breastfeeding relationship, benefits, how to, and handling common problems.

Waterbirth Class

This class will enable moms and partners to make an informed decision about choosing waterbirth.

Sibling Class( 2yo+)

A time to instruct big brother or big sister about Mommy’s growing tummy, the coming event, and living with a baby. This class will be scheduled as needed and structured to suit the ages and needs of the children scheduled. This class will be approx. one hour.

You will be given class dates allowing completion by your 37th week. If you enter care after 28 weeks there may be a need to schedule a private class. Childcare is not available, so please make arrangements accordingly. We look forward to meeting and assisting you in making your birth a true Labor Of Love.

Thank you!